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Ashfaq Lulaniya’s Journey

Ashfaq Lulaniya from Maliya Hatina exemplifies academic determination. His story began at AILT Global Academy, where our tailored coaching and unwavering support nurtured his dream of becoming a doctor. Despite the challenges, Ashfaq’s dedication was unyielding. His relentless pursuit paid off when he cleared the NEET examination, securing a place to study MBBS at Gandhinagar University. Ashfaq’s success is a testament to his hard work and the quality guidance provided by our academy.


Adil Chauhan’s Venture into Construction

Adil Chauhan from Veravel stands as a paragon of entrepreneurial spirit among our alumni. With the comprehensive business knowledge and ethical guidance gained from our campus, Adil has established himself in the construction industry. His venture not only exhibits business acumen but also a commitment to social responsibility, reflecting the values instilled during his time at AILT Global Academy.


Noman’s MBA Achievement

Noman from Baroda, an outstanding student at our academy, has recently been acknowledged for his academic excellence. With our help, he has been able to join a prestigious MBA program, paving the way for a bright future in business leadership. Noman’s story is one of perseverance and high achievement, demonstrating the caliber of students AILT Global Academy supports towards graduation.


Abdul Wahhab Bapu’s Social Endeavors

Abdul Wahhab Bapu from Ahmadabad, another esteemed member of our alumni, has embraced the role of a change-maker. His employment with a significant social charity organization is driving impactful changes within the community. This move into social entrepreneurship was fueled by the skills and values learned at AILT Global Academy, showcasing our commitment to nurturing socially conscious leaders